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Cooling & A/C Coverage

Taking into account the vast array of residential HVAC units, or more specifically, air conditioning units, in particular, it’s easy to appreciate the importance of having a reputable company of licensed professionals on hand to provide insights and information to a regular homeowner. Whether you’re in the market to purchase an upgraded A/C unit for a current residence or if you’re in the process of mapping out and designing a property from scratch, our in-house technicians are available at your behest for all services concerning air conditioning repairs, system design & installation, inspections, troubleshooting, and much, much more. To better provide you with information regarding the HVAC, A/C, and heating service coverage offered through our company, Air To Air Mechanical, we’ve compiled a brief list of major manufacturers, units, and systems we are frequently tasked with servicing here in Texas

Heating & Furnace Services

Much like the extensive cooling and A/C services we are widely recognized for here in Ellis County, Texas, the heating, furnace, and broiler coverage we offer is second to none as well. We combine decades of HVAC and heating experience with modernized installation and design techniques to ensure that you, the client, is covered in absolutely every facet involving your home’s standardized heating (and cooling) systems. In light of the fact that maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the winter is imperative during the Texas winters, we are proud to offer discounted service fees for all basic tune-ups! This includes, but is not limited to, Coil Cleaning (Condenser & Evaporator), Circuit & Electrical Inspection, Superheat & Subcooling Check, System Diagnostics, Energy-Efficiency Assessment, Thermostat Calibration, Breaker Designation, & Water Heater Upgrades. Please call ahead for additional questions or scheduling.

Attic & Crawlspace Insulation

Ensuring your home’s treated air (both heated and cooled, respectively) is being rendered throughout the property consistently and with minimal waste or temperature-loss is something that many homeowners here in Ellis County, Texas struggle with. Most commonly, this is due to poor ventilation, circulation, and the oft-overlooked, insulation. The design behind most heating or cooling systems is to evenly disperse the heated/chilled air steadily and evenly, however, if there is a compromise in the property’s thermal integrity, the furnace or air conditioning units are working overtime, to little or no avail. As such, our HVAC experts are skilled in installing and revamping attics/crawl spaces with industry-leading insulation to ensure your systems are working in tandem; thus ensuring your property’s comfort!

HVAC Units

Products & Brands We Service

Residential HVAC Systems

We pride ourselves in high-quality services for Trane Residential HVAC Systems. Trane Air Conditioning systems stand out far above all other manufacturers of residential A/C systems. With Trane carefully engineered matched products, you can take comfort in knowing that you have the leading edge in both all the important aspects of residential heating/cooling: consistently chilled/warmed air, reliable air treatment, and superior energy-efficiency. Their patented coil design provides a much higher heat transfer rate than all other brands. All other brands use a traditional radiator style coil with aluminum fins and copper tubing (dissimilar metals can’t transfer heat freely without flow-restriction) has been accepted as the norm industry-wide, and they do work well. That is, unfortunately, until they get dirty. Trane’s Spine Fin coil design is made of millions of tiny aluminum fingers attached to aluminum tubing that reaches out through dirt and debris. This often results in a much longer lifespan when customers forget to have their A/C system serviced. The best part is this: it will maintain its designed efficiency rating almost endlessly. All other brands begin to lose their efficiency and capacity from the moment the first layer of dust and debris forms. When installed correctly, (side-by-side in the exact same environment,) a Trane will outlive and outperform all of its competitors by decades.

Residential Cooling Systems

Rheem/Ruud is our second choice in the line of quality Air Conditioning Systems that we typically install, repair, or replace on behalf of our local Ellis County, Texas clients. Their sleek, economic, and handsome design gives just the right amount of aesthetics & modernization actually add that extra curb appeal to your residential property. Nobody wants to see a gaudy or garish A/C System looming ominously on the side of their home! Rheem has revolutionized the appearance of their heating and cooling systems into a product that just looks fantastic. Almost like how antiquated automobiles have evolved from their boxy and bulky appearance to the new-age, smoothly rounded edges we’ve become acquainted with and enjoy driving around today. Rheems’ entire platform has now adopted this leap into the present day and age while maintaining current ARI and industry-efficiency standards; all at an affordable price point in both installation and any future upkeep. We also carry Lennox platform Concorde line for our extremely money conscious customers.

U.S.A. Products
TRADEPRO®| Owens Corning | AttiCat Loosefill

We Also install high-quality, locally manufactured Owens Corning fiberglass loose-fill attic insulation, Rolled Batte wall insulation and AttiCat Loosefill. The insulating value of your home plays a substantial role in the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. Granted six inches of insulation may be suitable during milder spells in the weather, but twelve inches of insulation effectively doubles the amount of time it takes for the heat to transfer from the hot attic air space above, to the conditioned space below. Imagine what 18 inches can do! It is without a doubt, one of the fastest returns on a property investment. We always offer a considerable discount towards these services if purchased in conjunction with a new Air Conditioner. Furthermore, in support of our country, local business, and fellow Texas residents, we use only quality, American-Made parts & components. Cheap, mass-produced Chinese electrical parts have flooded the market and we are aware of the alarming rate of premature failure that these inferior products are renowned for. We use quality TRADEPRO motors and USA-made capacitors that carry a 5-year warranty. No client, homeowner, or local Texas resident wants to replace their capacitor once every Spring and twice every other Fall.; that gets old quick!Which is why we incorporate only choice products and materials and affect only professional repair and replacement services. As such, we have had to warranty a very small handful of what were most likely manufacture defective components, since adopting this policy 4 years ago.


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