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Buy Today, Pay Over Time*

We Know that replacing your system is a major expense, but why pay it all at once?

Did you know that replacing your AC with even the minimum base model unit could pay for a large portion of your new monthly payment? That's right. A New AC unit in most cases can cut your energy consumption by up to 50%. With an average of $40-$60/ mo. off your electric bill, why not apply that savings to the monthly cost of financing a new system. Now you can think about purchasing that hi efficiency system your salesman was talking about.

*Financing is subject to approved credit. See Options Below for details.

We have several financing options to choose from. Chances are you’ll qualify for one of these.

Option 1 (0% for 60/mo.) Fair to excellent credit

Click Here

Option 2 (Contact one of our representatives to assist you over the phone)

Click Here to use our online contact form

Option 3 (Lease to own) Less than perfect credit

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Rent To Own

Less than perfect credit?? You have options. Replacing your old system has never been more affordable. With the Microf Lease to Own program we can have your system installed in no time.

In order to qualify for the Microf program, you must own your home, have a current home insurance policy, and have an active bank account. All Homeowners on the Deed must be on the application.

Microf™ Rent to own program
Once you have completed the application , please contact us.
You have 3 ways to complete the application process

Option 1
Click the link and register as a new user. Then fill out the application

Option 2
Phone Applicant(s) can call Microf™ at 855-642-7631 to complete the application by phone.

Option 3
Please click the link below to print and fill out the paper application
Download Application
Submit application via email to [email protected] or fax your application to 229-878-4865. If you have any questions, please call Microf™ at 855-642-7631.

Register for a warranty

WARNING : You typically only have 60 days to Register your new equipment for your extended warranty to become active. If you do not register your product within 60 days, then the manufacturers standard warranty will be effective.

Important: Before Registering your unit.. please have the equipment serial numbers handy. Serial numbers are located on manufacturers data-plate on side of equipment.

You should not have to take apart any equipment to get this information.

If you are in need of assistance, Please call 972-804-4247


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